When the first issue of the European implant journal was launched in early 2005, it was obvious that Europe included not merely the grandeur of big politics, but also encompassed the minor things that encompass everyday practical routine. On the occasion of this special event, the BDIZ EDI and the team of EDI Journal take the opportunity to reflect on the question what constitutes the uniqueness of EDI Journal?

The presidents of big associations and councils addressed their assessments about EDI Journal at pages 14 to 16 and also the major implant manufacturers contributed to this topic by answering the question about their expectations of the EU (pages 22 to 30). The 2015 guideline on peri-implantitis may be obtained from pages 36 to 47. The BDIZ EDI finalized its study on SEM surface analyses of sterile-packed implant (pages 64 to 75). Case report on immediate implant placement by a Brazilian dental clinician as well as two major product studies and, of course, upcoming events, interviews about various dental products can be read in this issue.