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30 years is not that old yet. There are professional societies and associations in Europe that are older. Nevertheless, BDIZ EDI has already had an eventful history, and this history is certain to continue. In this issue, you will find ten milestones that have shaped the association. Besides, we introduce the new European Commission and give an update on the MDR.

EDI Journal 2/2020

BDIZ EDI support beyond the crisis

EDI Journal 1/2020

Update peri-implantitis – how to handle peri-implant inflammation and peri-implant diseases

EDI Journal 3/2019

Rate your own work!

EDI Journal 2/2019

EU Medical Device Regulation

EDI Journal 1/2019

Welcome to IDS 2019

EDI Journal 4/2018

Where are we today?

EDI Journal 3/2018

Novel synthetics and traditional xenografts

EDI Journal 2/2018

Digitally perfected processes and high patient comfort

EDI Journal 1/2018

A digital workflow for the provisional restoration

EDI Journal 4/2017

Socket-shield technique