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Update on COVID-19 pandemic in Europe · Will IDS 2021 take place? ·
BDIZ EDI Website relaunched · Save the date: 14th European Symposium postponed to May 2021 »European  Law: The European Court of Justice deals with the PIP scandal »Case  Studies: Immediate loading of extra short implants »Clinical Science: Cantilever extensions of implant-supported superstructures

EDI Journal 4/2022

The path of the BDIZ EDI 2023

EDI-Journal 3/2022

Digitisation in implant dentistry

EDI Journal 2/2022

Guideline 2022: Cologne ABC Risk Score for implant treatment

EDI Journal 1/2022

Perspective: dentistry – Implantology - Europe

EDI Journal 4/2021

How much medicine does dentistry need?

EDI Journal 3/2021

Update ceramics in implantology

EDI Journal 2/2021

Bone and soft tissue management

EDI Journal 1/2021

Discussion on vitamin D

EDI Journal 4/2020

Quo vadis, implantology?

EDI Journal 2/2020

BDIZ EDI support beyond the crisis