German dentists are confronted with a new act concerning COVID-19 vaccination. As of March 15,
2022, the obligation to demonstrate immunity to COVID-19 has been in place in health and care facilities.
Employers must have a proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a medical certi cate of a medical
contraindication shown. With the changes in the Infection Protection Act, the provision of proof of
immunity against COVID-19 in health and care facilities is a mandatory employment requirement. It does not depend on the type of employment. Unvaccina ted employees in the health sector could now face
consequences. The Government may impose nes, prohibitions on activities and entry. However, the
implementation is handled by the federal states. In Bavaria, for example, the corona vaccination rerequirement for employees in nursing and health care is being implemented and enforced only slowly and gradually.

Overall, dentists in Germany also fear that unvaccinated practice employees will look for a new job for this reason.

Statement see EDI Journal 1/2022