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Second wave: What’s going on in Europe? This issue is giving some dental insights of various European countries and beyond and is giving some advice on how to dealing with aerosol-borne pathogens in dental practice.

The main top is covering stem cell research and the future of implant dentistry: Place an implant or grow a new tooth!

EDI Journal 3/2023

Implantology and more

EDI Journal 2/2023

Dentistry going digital

EDI Journal 1/2023

Guideline 2023: Short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants

EDI Journal 4/2022

The path of the BDIZ EDI 2023

EDI-Journal 3/2022

Digitisation in implant dentistry

EDI Journal 2/2022

Guideline 2022: Cologne ABC Risk Score for implant treatment

EDI Journal 1/2022

Perspective: dentistry – Implantology - Europe

EDI Journal 4/2021

How much medicine does dentistry need?

EDI Journal 3/2021

Update ceramics in implantology

EDI Journal 2/2021

Bone and soft tissue management