The Curriculum Implantology of BDIZ EDI in collaboration with the University of Cologne consists of different modules that run over a period of one year. The main curriculum runs in Cologne/Germany starting every year and ending with a final exam. Certificate will be provided by the BDIZ EDI/University of Cologne. There are similar curricula running in Greece and Poland. Both are in collaboration with the BDIZ EDI.

Eight modules of Curriculum Implantology

The curriculum is addressed to young professionals and/or newcomers in the discipline of oral implantology. However, the modular design  makes it particularly interesting to dentists who perform implant   surgery only occassionaly but want to make sure their treatment rests onsolid ground.

In eight modules, the BDIZ EDI Curriculum   Implantology, led by Professor Joachim E. Zöller, addresses indications,surgical and restorative procedures as well as complications   within oral implantology. The programme includes the latest aspects  of   minimally invasive surgery (sinus floor elevation, bone splitting,flapless surgery) as well as intensive training in 3D diagnostics and   their surgical application using 3D surgical templates, which are becoming increasingly popular in clinical oral implantology.

If you want to run through a compact  course for three days on certain modules at the University of Cologne, you may apply for at BDIZ EDI   (Minimum participants: 3 dental clinicians).

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