Find the new EDI Journal focusing on the topic: CAD/CAM abutment design with constant emergence profile and single insertion. This issue also contains the Guidelines 2017 on digital workflow in implant dentistry – recently consented by the 12th European Consensus Conference (EuCC) under the auspices of BDIZ EDI (pages 17 to 26).

We are also giving a glimpse of what was discussed at the 12th Expert Symposium on the state of digital implantology (pages 12 to 14). Inside Croatia focuses the situation of dentists and the development of oral implantology and comments on oral health in Croatia (pages 38 to 40). News from Europe: The European Parliament adopted the EU Medical Device Regulation (pages 52 to 54) and the Council of European Dentists (CED) opposes the inclusion of healthcare professions in the proposed Directive on a proportionality test before the adoption of regulations for professions: Healthcare is different from other services, the General Meeting of the CED makes clear in Valletta, Malta (pages 40 to 41). The case study in this issue comes from Spain: Optimized emergence profile (pages 56 to 64).