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This issue gives you a glimpse of the 10th Expert Symposium of BDIZ EDI in Cologne on biological complications around implants. We have published the speakers abstracts (pages 10 to 14).

On pages 34 to 36 you’ll find the eight modules of the Curriculum Implantology BDIZ EDI in collaboration with the University of Cologne. The father of the titanium implants, Per-Ingvar Branemark died in December 2014. BDIZ EDI is mourning for a great man who gave dentists a new treatment modality, offering patients a way to have lost natural teeth replaced with something that is very, very close (pages 38 to 40). Light at the end of the tunnel in matters of antibiotic resistance: a collaborative research team from universities, research institutes and industry in Boston, USA, and Bonn, Germany, reported the discovery of a new compound in soil bacteria that kills MRSA and also appears to prevent it from evolving into other drug-resistant forms: Teixobactin. Please read more on pages 42 to 44. BDIZ EDI and its Quality and Research Committee finalized another SEM examination of sterile-packaged implants. The findings you’ll see at pages 54 to 65.

EDI Journal 1/2020

Update peri-implantitis – how to handle peri-implant inflammation and peri-implant diseases

30 years of BDIZ EDI – Milestones in oral implantology

In this issue, you will find ten milestones that have shaped the association.

EDI Journal 3/2019

Rate your own work!

EDI Journal 2/2019

EU Medical Device Regulation

EDI Journal 1/2019

Welcome to IDS 2019

EDI Journal 4/2018

Where are we today?

EDI Journal 3/2018

Novel synthetics and traditional xenografts

EDI Journal 2/2018

Digitally perfected processes and high patient comfort

EDI Journal 1/2018

A digital workflow for the provisional restoration

EDI Journal 4/2017

Socket-shield technique