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In times like these, it is useful to scrutinize novelties and news and to critically put claims to the test. Topic of the spring-issue of the EDI Journal is the discussion on vitamin D. In the interview with nutritional physician and dentist Dr Woelber, University of Freiburg, he gives some interesting answers about if and how to determine vitamin D concentration from the dental view. Is the dentist able to diagnose vitamin D deficiency etc?

Also in this issue: Professor Jörg Neugebauer proofs that the 2016 practical guide on short, angulated and diameter-reduced implants is still up to date. Coming up in May: The transitional period for the Medical Device Regulation MDR runs out. What is to do for implant dentists to meet the requirements? Read more in the issue 1/2021.

EDI Journal 4/2020

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EDI Journal 1/2020

Update peri-implantitis – how to handle peri-implant inflammation and peri-implant diseases

30 years of BDIZ EDI – Milestones in oral implantology

In this issue, you will find ten milestones that have shaped the association.

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EU Medical Device Regulation

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Novel synthetics and traditional xenografts