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Medicine and dentistry must be more closely meshed – say two young oral and maxillofacial surgeons
from Ansbach, Germany. Not enough general medical knowledge is present in our dental practices today –
and conversely, general practitioners and medical specialists know too little about dental medicine.

Markus Tröltzsch, Dr med, Dr med dent, and Matthias Tröltzsch, PD, Dr med, Dr med dent, are two of the
three authors of a reference volume entitled “Medizin in der täglichen zahnärztlichen Praxis” (“Medicine
in Daily Dental Practice”). In a number of free-standing chapters, their book presents fundamental facts
about cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, bisphosphonates and oncological topics.


2022: BDIZ EDI is informing you!

Online seminar program 2022 is coming up soon

Practical Guide 2021: Update ceramics in implantology

European Consensus Conference (EuCC) updates 2007 consensus paper.

Guideline 2020: Peri-implantitis


European Consensus Conference

The BDIZ EDI is working on topics that are highly current and highly controversial. BDIZ EDI considers it an important task to look for, and find, a pan-European consensus on these topics.

European Expert in Implantology

The European Expert in Implantology (EDA) will be conducted by the BDIZ EDI in collaboration with the European Dental Association (EDA).

Curriculum Implantology

The curriculum is addressed to young professionals and/or newcomers in the discipline of oral implantology.

Quality Guidelines

BDIZ EDI has dedicated its efforts to developing a quality guideline in implantology and thus to reach a consensus with scientists and practitioners.

New definition of indication classes

On 8 October 2014, the Consensus Conference on Oral Implantology revised the indications for standard rehabilitiative treatment in oral implantology, updating them to take account to scientific progress in the field since the previous update.