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Brochure - Long lasting Implants

In this brochure BDIZ EDI gives some advice how to properly care for implants and restorations. It complements patient’s consult with the dentist. This brochure is for dental clinicians to give to their patients. The step-by-step instructions guide patients to deal with their new teeth: cleaning, caring, avoiding problems and at the end a checklist will complete the information.

Price: 1,50 Euro each + VAT + shipping. Minimum order 10.The brochure can be ordered via office-munic@bdizedi.org 

Why is oral hygiene important?

That healthy teeth in an intact environment are important for our overall health is something we have known for many years.

Who performs the implantation?

Where can I find an experienced dental implantologist? Dental implantology has not been and is not one of the fields that young dentists study in dental school/at university. Special implantological training is usually acquired by already practicing dentists.

What are the advantages?

Zahnarzt berät Patientin zum Implantat
What problems are most easily solved by implants?

What is a dental implant?

Inplantat im Unterkiefer
A dental implant is a screw-like object made of bone-compatible titanium or ceramics that is surgically inserted (implanted) into the jaw bone. After it is firmly integrated in the bone, it will take over the function of the natural tooth root.