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For 2021, the scientific team of the Hellenic Society of Medicine and Dental Digital Technology, along with “OMNIPRESS NEW”, are organizing the Dental two-day congress “MASTERMINDS 4”, on Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of July, with two distinguished invited speakers and persons who have offered a lot in the field of Dentistry.

More specifically, Professor  Massimo Simion is one of the pioneers of the guided bone regeneration procedure in the area of implant dentistry. Through his thirty-year experience, he will convey his experiences in this area, as well as the secrets of success in cases of extended deficit of the alveolar crest, in both the maxilla and the mandible, and he is going to present the management of various complications that may arise in handling such cases, which is a challenge for clinicians.

The congress will also feature Dr Iñaki Gamborena whose lectures will focus on the key factors affecting the success of treatment in the aesthetic zone, both in patients with a purely dental arch and in implant restorations. His presentations will include the surgical and the prosthetic management of these cases, and he will also elaborate on the management of complex cases with past failures.

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