7. May 2024
Digital workflow in the implantological practice
EDI Journal 1/2024 with the complete new guideline 2024
9. April 2024
European Consensus Conference: Guidelines
The BDIZ EDI is working on topics that are highly current and highly controversial. BDIZ EDI considers it an important...
8. April 2024
References of the Guideline 2024
19th European Consensus Conference on digital workflow in implant dentistry
8. April 2024
Short, angulated and diameter-reduced implants
2nd update of the Guideline 2023
4. April 2024
Save the Date: 20th Expert Symposium
All about complications in implantology
26. March 2024
Today’s implantology – what is new, what is reliable?
17th European Symposium of BDIZ EDI in Split/Croatia
Gruppe MKG Chirurgie
18. March 2024
Curriculum Implantology
The curriculum is addressed to young professionals and/or newcomers in the discipline of oral implantology.
2. January 2024
Implant pass on-demand
Nice to have for the dental practice
21. December 2023
Digital dentistry?
EDI Journal 4/2023 with the topic: chances and limitations of current digital treatment approaches
31. October 2023
Damage caused by AI: Practitioners’ liability
European Commission published its Proposal for a Directive
29. October 2023
EDI Journal 3/2023
Implantology and more
12. July 2023
EDI Journal 2/2023
Dentistry going digital
13. April 2023
Embracing the Future
BDIZ EDI partner of the Nepalese Society of Implant Dentistry
22. March 2023
EDI Journal 1/2023
Guideline 2023: Short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants
8. March 2023
A reliable treatment option
European Consensus Conference EuCC) presents recommendations for short, angulated and reduced-diameter implants
5. January 2023
EDI Journal 4/2022
The path of the BDIZ EDI 2023
25. October 2022
EDI-Journal 3/2022
Digitisation in implant dentistry
20. September 2022
Risk assessment at a glance
Guideline 2022: Cologne ABC Risk Score for implant treatment
20. September 2022
Minimally invasive implant treatment
At the 17th Expert Symposium of BDIZ EDI in Cologne 2022 Professor Stefan Fickl discussed the interface between periodontology and...
5. September 2022
Recession coverage
Professor Anton Sculean’s lecture on recession coverage on implants at the Expert Symposium in Cologne 2022.
30. August 2022
Periodontal rehab
Professor Jörg Neugebauer’s lecture on periodontal rehabilitation with All-on-4 at the Expert Symposium in Cologne 2022.
4. August 2022
EDI Journal 2/2022
Guideline 2022: Cologne ABC Risk Score for implant treatment
2. August 2022
Rate card/media
Interested in deadline dates and rate card of EDI Journal? Please see our rate card/media for the four issues of...
10. June 2022
At a glimpse: North Macedonia
Statement by Dr Fisnik Kasapi, President of AIAM, EDI Macedonia
10. June 2022
At a glimpse: India
Statement by Dr Vikas Gowd, EDI India
19. May 2022
At a glimpse: The Netherlands
Statement by Dr Jan Willem Vaartjes, President of the Association of Dutch Dentists (ANT)
19. May 2022
At a glimpse: United Kingdom
Statement by Dr Eimear O’Connell, President ADI UK
26. April 2022
EDI Journal 1/2022
Perspective: dentistry – Implantology - Europe
24. March 2022
Statement on the fighting in Ukraine
Joint press release of BDIZ EDI and partner associations
9. January 2022
Winter wave has arrived
Corona virus in Europe at a glimpse
9. January 2022
New CED president from Denmark
General meeting of the Council of European Dentists voted for Dr Freddie Sloth-Lisbjerg
15. December 2021
How much medicine does dentistry need?
Interview with Markus Tröltzsch and Matthias Tröltzsch, maxillofacial surgeons in Ansbach, Germany
6. December 2021
EDI Journal 4/2021
How much medicine does dentistry need?
1. December 2021
MDR: Transitional period runs out on May 26th
The Medical Device and the In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulations have introduced new responsibilities
25. October 2021
BDIZ EDI relies on continuity
General assembly confirms the board and the programme until 2025
20. September 2021
EDI Journal 3/2021
Update ceramics in implantology
16. August 2021
Practical Guide 2021: Update ceramics in implantology
European Consensus Conference (EuCC) updates 2007 consensus paper.
22. June 2021
EDI Journal 2/2021
Bone and soft tissue management
23. April 2021
Scientific survey “Ceramic Dental Implants”
BDIZ EDI is collaborating with ESCI on the survey
13. April 2021
EDI Journal 1/2021
Discussion on vitamin D
6. January 2021
Talking about second wave?
Update on COVID-19 pandemic in Europe
19. December 2020
EDI Journal 4/2020
Quo vadis, implantology?
19. December 2020
Seminar offers
Seminars 2021: “BDIZ EDI informs”
30. September 2020
EDI Journal 3/2020
Bone and soft tissue management
3. July 2020
The crisis shows: Dentistry must remain an academic subject
The corona crisis is keeping the world in suspense. The healthcare professions are under particular strain – including dentists.
3. July 2020
Summer issue of EDI Jounal
BDIZ EDI support beyond the crisis
3. July 2020
EDI Journal 2/2020
BDIZ EDI support beyond the crisis
3. July 2020
Step by step back to „normal”
Three months after lockdown measures, Europe slowly but surely steps back into “normal”.
21. April 2020
Peri-implantitis: is explantation the better choice?
17. April 2020
Brexit – Consequences for dentistry and patients
1. April 2020
EDI Journal 1/2020
Update peri-implantitis – how to handle peri-implant inflammation and peri-implant diseases
13. March 2020
Pros & Cons
Short vs. long implants
11. March 2020
Pros & Cons
Does the digital workflow work out?
9. March 2020
Pros & Cons
Ceramic implants - an alternative treatment option?
Platzhalter Bild
9. March 2020
Guideline 2020: Peri-implantitis
4. February 2020
The EU Commission at a glance
14. January 2020
30 years of BDIZ EDI – Milestones in oral implantology
In this issue, you will find ten milestones that have shaped the association.
2. October 2019
EDI Journal 3/2019
Rate your own work!
12. August 2019
Guideline 2019: Preventing, detecting and treating specific complications to optimize patient outcomes
8. August 2019
Contact and Membership
BDIZ EDI is a Europe-wide associaton that has transcended the German borders to forge collaborations, support partner associations and makes...
8. August 2019
We want you
The "We want you" campaign is aiming at young professionals and potential newcomers in implant dentistry to spread the word...
24. July 2019
EDI Journal 2/2019
EU Medical Device Regulation
24. July 2019
EDI Journal 1/2019
Welcome to IDS 2019
24. July 2019
EDI Journal 4/2018
Where are we today?
28. March 2019
EDI Journal 3/2018
Novel synthetics and traditional xenografts
28. March 2019
EDI Journal 2/2018
Digitally perfected processes and high patient comfort
28. March 2019
EDI Journal 1/2018
A digital workflow for the provisional restoration
28. March 2019
EDI Journal 4/2017
Socket-shield technique
28. March 2019
EDI Journal 3/2017
Partial-extraction therapy and dual-zone augmentation
27. March 2019
EDI Journal 2/2017
CAD/CAM Abutment design with constant emergence profile and single insertion
27. March 2019
EDI Journal 1/2017
"Go craftless" - the fast way to restore a debilitating dentition
24. March 2019
EDI Journal 4/2016
Platzhalter Bild
20. March 2019
What about the Netherlands?
Platzhalter Bild
20. March 2019
Introducing Dr Nathalie Khasin
20. March 2019
EDI Journal
European Journal for Dental Implantologists
20. March 2019
New Editor-in-Chief
The BDIZ EDI Board unanimously decided to appoint Anita Wuttke as Editor-in-Chief.
20. March 2019
Long-lasting implants for long-lasting beauty
Bildquelle:adobe.stock/Syda Productions
19. March 2019
Special experience
'Expert' needs Special Experience
19. March 2019
European Expert in Implantology
The European Expert in Implantology (EDA) will be conducted by the BDIZ EDI in collaboration with the European Dental Association...
18. March 2019
Implant Maintenance is a Team Effort
Implant care instructions brochure for patients – now in English language available
18. March 2019
Why is oral hygiene important?
That healthy teeth in an intact environment are important for our overall health is something we have known for...
18. March 2019
Who performs the implantation?
Where can I find an experienced dental implantologist? Dental implantology has not been and is not one of the fields that...
18. March 2019
What are the advantages?
What problems are most easily solved by implants?
18. March 2019
What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a screw-like object made of bone-compatible titanium or ceramics that is surgically inserted (implanted) into the...
18. March 2019
Membership benefits
Membership is open to the profession practicing dental implantology.
18. March 2019
Quality Guidelines
BDIZ EDI has dedicated its efforts to developing a quality guideline in implantology and thus to reach a consensus with...
18. March 2019
New definition of indication classes
On 8 October 2014, the Consensus Conference on Oral Implantology revised the indications for standard rehabilitiative treatment in oral ...
18. March 2019
The associated partners of the BDIZ EDI in Europe
18. March 2019
See all Members of the Board
18. March 2019
BDIZ EDI was founded as BDIZ in 1989 to enforce the development of oral implantology for all dentists in Germany.
14. March 2019
EDI Journal 3/2016
14. March 2019
EDI Journal 2/2016
13. March 2019
EDI Journal 1/2016
8. March 2019
BDIZ EDI supports high quality dental implantology on a high stage within a free market in Europe.
25. February 2019
EDI Journal 4/2015
18. February 2019
EDI Journal 3/2015
16. February 2019
10 years of EDI Journal
10 years of EDI Journal
15. February 2019
EDI Journal 1/2015
1. January 1970
At a glimpse: Serbia
Statement by Vitomir S. Konstantinovic, DDS, MD, MSc, PhD Professor of Maxillo facial Surgery and Implantology
1. January 1970
At a glimpse: Hungary
Statement by Prof Dr Katalin Nagy DDS; PhD; DSc - Head of Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry University of Szeged
1. January 1970
At a glimpse: Germany
Statement by Christian Berger, President BDIZ EDI
Platzhalter Bild
1. January 1970
Der BDIZ EDI macht sich für Sie stark