On 8 October 2014, the Consensus Conference on Oral Implantology revised the indications for standard rehabilitiative treatment in oral   implantology, updating them to take account to scientific progress in the  field since the previous update. The indication classes were first  defined in 1994 and subsequently updated on 5 June 2002.

The Consensus Conference on Oral Implantology, which recruits its members from the European Association of Dental Implantologists (BDIZ EDI), the Professional Association of German Oral Surgeons (BDO), the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGI), the German Association of Dental IImplantology (DGZI) and the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGMKG), considers the replacement of each tooth with an implant to be the optimal treatment for tooth loss. However, it points out that for anatomical reasons, third molars are generally not replaced, while the need for replacing second molars should be critically evaluated.

Under the chairmanship of Christian Berger, President of BDIZ EDI, 2014-2016, the indication classes were revised.