The topic of digitization is an issue that is discussed a lot among dentists. In the format PROs and CONs of the EDI-Journal that topic is talked through by two experts.

Adj. Professor Jan-Frederik Güth sees many advantages of the digital transformation for his patients and his practice. On the other hand, there is Professor Bernd Wöstmann. He raises the question of the interface problem.
Both experts say that the digitization of dentistry is nothing you can or should stop anymore. However, you have to be sure about the steps you want to take.

In the interview Dr Güth states five criteria, which are in charge weather a new technology will prevail or not. Such as user-friendly procedures, a more affordable price and new solutions, which are just possible through the usage of modern technology.

Dr Wöstmann discovers a big problem in the fact that well-defined interactions between the individual procedures and components are missing. He remains critical although he appreciates the modern technologies, which already took place in the daily life of a dentist by now.

You can find the entire article on pp. 26, 27 of the EDI Journal 04/2018.