In the first edition of the format Pros and Cons two experts comment on a current and controversial topic in oral implantology.

Adj. Professor Michael Gahlert represents the pro-part. He sees clear advantages in ceramic implants. Such as a lower risk for peri-implantitis. Moreover, he tells in the interview that there is less plaque affinity and no more corrosion compared to titanium. 

Professor Knut A. Grötz on the other hand remains more critical. He points out that the potential of ceramic implants will still have to be proven in clinical trials in the future. He also states that there are still no long-term results of the ceramic placed today.

Both sides agree that the use of ceramics is fully justified both as a material and in clinical trials. It ensures an innovation boost in implantology.
You can find the whole article in the EDI Journal 03/2018 on pp. 24, 25.