There is no ultimate way to treat peri-implantitis. It is still a very controversial topic among dentists. That’s why, Dr Friedemann Petschelt and Dr Jörg Neugebauer state their opinions on that topic in the format Pros and Cons in the EDI Journal.

Both experts agree on the point, that the peri-implantitis is caused and promoted by a variety of factors. As it comes down to the treatment of it, they both have a different approach.

Dr Petschelt states his opinion, that peri-implantitis cannot get stopped as soon as it has been triggered. Therefore, he prefers the explantation and subsequent reimplantation.

However, Dr Neugebauer advocates, that there is a variety of therapy-options of the peri-implant bone bed. You can read the whole article and find out more about both of their opinions in the newest edition of the
EDI Journal 01/2020 on pp. 12,13 .