If your oral hygiene is deficient, bacterial infections can damage the gums (the gingiva). Pockets next to the teeth are formed through which bacteria can enter the bloodstream, where they challenge the immune system, promote the calcification of blood vessels and may have other consequences for your health. If gingival pockets are inflamed due to the bacteria that accumulate in them (periodontitis, als called gum or periodontal disease), they often create a burden on the entire human organism.

Both tooth decay (caries) and periodontitis are triggered by a film made up of bacteria that is referred to as dental plaque or, sometimes, biofilm. Removing and preventing plaque (plaque prophylaxis) is of crucial importance. If you regularly clean the surfaces of your teeth an the spaces between the teeth (the interdental spaces) thoroughly, you will already be doing a lot to maintain your oral health.

Oral health means that the protective mechanisms against pathogens in your mouth and your saliva are active. Healthy gums are therefore important for the health of your mouth and your entire body – and they ensure a long service life  of your implant.

BDIZ EDI launched a brochure on implant maintenance that can be obtained from your implant dental practice.