10 good reasons to become a BDIZ EDI member

Membership is open to the profession practicing dental implantology. Membership benefits are:

  • Power in numbers: With over 5.800 members, BDIZ EDI is a major organisation in Europe for those engaged in oral implantology. BDIZ EDI cooperates Europe-wide with its associated partners from different countries and even intervenes in Brussels on relevant matters of health politics
  • Continuing education and training: Members will receive reduced participation fees to all symposia and workshops of BDIZ EDI, i.e. the annual symposium in autumn, the expert symposium in February/March, the Mediterranean Symposium in spring. Reduced participating fees will also be offered for attending the curriculum implantology of BDIZ EDI
  • Free issues of the EDI-Journal which will be distributed 4 times a year
  • Support implant practice: BDIZ EDI supports dental clinicians with relevant guidelines for the daily implant practice:

    – Quality Guidelines have been established to support dental clinicians in evaluating their own treatment results by comparing them with evaluation categories of BDIZ EDI ranging
    from A+ to C
    – Class of Indications: Treatment recommendations for the “normal” cases – ranging from Class I (single-tooth replacement) to Class III (edentulous jaw)
    – Guidelines of the European Consensus Conference (EuCC): A panel of ex-perts to include clinical practitioners and academic researchers from all over Europe issues under the guidance of BDIZ EDI relevant guidelines on the “hot” topics in implantology on a annual basis; i.e. dealing with treatment errors and complications (2010)
  • Studies and research: The Quality and Registration Committee (Q&R) of BDIZ EDI is testing materials in cooperation with renowned institutes and universities. 2010/2011 Q&R is examining implant surfaces, and specifically performing in-vitro comparisons of modified implant surfaces. Results are being published in the EDI Journal on a regular basis
  • Advanced skills: In cooperation with the European Dental Association (EDA) BDIZ EDI offers and conducts examination to enable skilled implant clinicians to gain the title “Expert in Implan-tology”
  • Patients interest: BDIZ EDI is committed to fostering the benefits of implant treatment to serve and inform the broader public in Europe and therefore, contributes to the advancement of the discipline.