In general, in The Netherlands almost all general Covid restrictions are released, except the advice to
test when having symptoms and a minimum of five days self isolation when tested COVID positive.

For example all bars, restaurants, clubs and festivals are permitted, also without a negative test result
or any form of 2G/3G. In the public transport also a face mask is not obligated anymore. The hospital
numbers although still quite high (except IC) but are manageable and declining.

About the situation for the dentistry here: There is no questionnaire (triage) in advance for patients anymore except for the possibility of a (proven) COVID infection. Patients with (proven) COVID infection receive only emergency treatments, with full hygienic protocol (gowns, hat, FFP2). Otherwise it’s the normal HIP protocol, surgical mask etc. Unfortunately, since coves transmission is still quite high, many
healthcare workers are in quarantine causing a high number of absence (>5%). Also patients are missing
their appointments more often than in the past, which has as effect a lower turnover than pre-COVID.

Statement see EDI Journal 1/2022